Emergency Protection

Years of scientific research has built a global body of evidence that clearly shows open net-cage salmon farms cause ecosystem harm everywhere they are located.

There are currently three areas in British Columbia with the highest concentration of salmon farms where out-migrating wild salmon are at risk and require emergency protection from open net-cage farms. These are:

  1. The Broughton Archipelago (south central coast of British Columbia)
  2. The Wild Salmon Narrows (northern Georgia Strait)
  3. Clayoquot Sound (United Nations Biosphere Reserve, west coast of Vancouver Island)

CAAR demands all open net-cage farms be removed from marine waters and moved to closed containment, but emergency measures are necessary while we work towards these longer-term goals.

A migration corridor fallow plan negotiated between CAAR and Marine Harvest Canada was successfully implemented in the Broughton Archipelago. This Coordinated Area Management Plan (CAMP) brought some interim relief to the area’s wild salmon. Read more»

Thirty open net-cage salmon farm feedlots choke the north end of the Strait and one of the narrowest pathways is the Wild Salmon Narrows, along Okisollo and Hoskyn Channels, east and north of Quadra Island. CAAR is calling for the removal of five active salmon farms in this area. Read more»