Containment Technology

Closed system aquaculture includes a wide range of technologies, each with varying levels of separation between the farmed fish and the marine environment. Technologies span from simple barriers to prevent fish escapes to systems that fully recapture and treat waste as well as recycle rearing water. The two most common types of closed containment are:

  • land-based systems such as tanks or lined ponds
  • solid wall tanks floating in water

Around the world, various types of closed tank technologies are used to grow many types of seafood on a commercial scale including:

  • arctic char
  • trout
  • barramundi
  • tilapia
  • halibut
  • turbot
  • salmon (in freshwater closed tanks)

For a better understanding of current closed containment technologies, see Thriving Economies, Healthy Oceans, a summary of a Global Assessment of Closed System Aquaculture.

Download the full report, Global Assessment of Closed System Aquaculture, produced by the Georgia Strait Alliance and the David Suzuki Foundation on behalf of CAAR.

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