Research & Reports: 2002

2002, November – Advisory: The Protection of Broughton Archipelago Pink Salmon Stocks.
Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council. Report to the Ministers of Fisheries and Oceans, Report to the BC Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.

2002, October – Summary of the Failure to Implement the 1997 Salmon Aquaculture Review. David Lane.

2002, March – Atlantic Salmon – a White Paper. David Gaudet, Alaska Fish and Game Department.

2002 – Preliminary examination of contaminant loadings in farmed salmon, wild salmon and commercial salmon feed. Published in Chemosphere, Vol. 46 (7) (2002) pp. 1053-1074. Authors M.D.L. Easton, D. Luszniak, and E. Von der Geest.