Scientific Case

Since 2001, CAAR and its allies have researched the effects of open net-cage aquaculture in BC and produced a mountain of evidence that indicates open net-cage salmon farming harms the environment and has negative impacts on wild fish stocks.

CAAR’s Science Committee liaises with academics regarding salmon farming and conservation issues, and ensures that relevant, original research is supported and reaches the media, public and government. The Science Committee also provides technical support and science advice to all CAAR member groups.

Members of the Science Committee are recognized for their research, publications in peer-reviewed journals and production of reports and science outreach materials, such as Sea Lice and Wild Salmon: Elevating the dialogue on the farmed-wild salmon story. They also organize and participate in academic workshops on farmed and wild salmon as well as provide a wide range of public presentations on the latest science.

Download: Science Bibliography Wild Salmon at Risk Fact Sheet