Sample Letter to Supermarkets

Dear _______,

I am a customer of your store in _________ (city, state/province.) I strongly encourage you to make a commitment to stop selling open net-cage farmed salmon and actively encourage your suppliers to adopt closed containment production.

The future of wild salmon is threatened by the diseases, parasites, pollution, and escapes of open net-cage salmon farms. As your customer, I urge you to use your buying power to support a transition to more sustainable closed and controlled systems.

Such support for closed containment would be appreciated by the tens of thousands of customers who are concerned about the impacts of open net-cage salmon farms. This technology has proven to be economically viable for other types of fish and its use in salmon aquaculture will be essential for the protection of wild salmon, as well as for the communities that depend on healthy coastal ecosystems for their livelihoods.

I encourage you to watch the short video at to learn more about the impacts of open net-cage salmon farms on wild salmon and coastal ecosystems.

I look forward to your response and sincerely hope that ______ (store) lives up to its corporate responsibility on this issue. Please use your role as a large buyer of salmon to encourage the progressive and exciting industry of closed containment farmed salmon.