Farmed and Dangerous Blog launch

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Check out the new Farmed and Dangerous Blog!

CAAR is excited to announce the launch of our new blog! We have created this space to bring the unique experience, perspective and opinion of CAAR members, some who have been working on salmon aquaculture issues since the late 1980s, to the online conversation around one of British Columbia’s most critical social and environmental problems.

We aim to discuss citizen actions and the aquaculture reform movement; market trends as consumers continue to demand sustainable seafood on their grocer’s shelves and restaurant menus; the science showing net-cage impacts on the marine environment; the progress of sustainable aquaculture technology; the role of government and industry in the push for change; and much more.

We encourage you to join in the conversation and look forward to your comments as we work together to transform BC’s aquaculture industry. See our inaugural posts at the Farmed and Dangerous Blog and check back often!

Closed containment has arrived

Closed containment coho salmon for sale at Save On Foods.

The wait is over! Farmed salmon raised on a land-based closed containment farm is now being sold at 124 Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Cooper’s Foods and Urban Fare store locations across British Columbia and Alberta.

Overwaitea Food Group is now the exclusive North American retailer for SweetSpring brand freshwater Coho salmon, grown by Washington-based Aquaseed, the first commercially viable land-based salmon farm.

AquaSeed is currently producing 200,000 pounds a year of salmon for the grocery chain and the price is the same as conventionally farmed salmon – but without all of the environmental and social costs that plague net-cage raised salmon.

CAAR’s Shauna MacKinnon was at Save on Foods in Vancouver on Earth Day to witness the launch of the new product as part of Overwaitea’s sustainable seafood policy. Read her blog post: Earth Day dinner special: The fish that can change salmon farming.

While we still have a long way to go before “farmed and dangerous” is a thing of the past, sustainably raised closed containment salmon is now a reality.

If you live in BC or Alberta, head down to your nearest Overwaitea grocery store and try the product out for yourself. And be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their commitment to sustainable seafood and taking this pioneering step.

The Get Out Migration final rally in Victoria this weekend, be there!

The Wild Salmon Narrows. Photo: Michelle Young

The Get Out Migration, now in its third week, has inspired people from all over the province to step out and be counted among the many who want aquaculture reform in BC.

CAAR’s Michelle Young was on the scene as the migration passed through the Wild Salmon Narrows last week. Read her blog post describing the excitement as they met up with other boats and waved banners demanding that salmon farms get their net-cages out of this sensitive wild salmon migration route. Also in support of the walk, CAAR created a full-page advertisement with the endorsement of about 30 other organizations, including Alexandra Morton’s Raincoast Conservation Foundation. The ad ran in several Vancouver Island newspapers to encourage participation.

The migration has a few more stops to go until reaching its final destination in Victoria this weekend. The rally scheduled for Saturday May 8th at 4:00 at the BC Parliament Buildings will be the largest of the rallies and an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often – the chance to stand up en masse and demand change! If you can, come to Victoria on May 8th and help drive the message home to industry and government that enough is enough. We want net-cages out of the water and into closed containment now.