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Salmon farming companies site their farms irresponsibly along wild salmon migration routes.

The salmon farming industry in BC relies on a whole host of chemicals that have largely unknown effects on the marine environment.

Video: Wild Salmon In Trouble

An online animation video released in September 2008 by Watershed Watch Salmon Society that explains the link between farmed salmon, sea lice and wild salmon.

More videos at independent filmmaker Twyla Roscovich’s site Calling from the Coast.

High Resolution Images

These photos of issues related to CAAR’s work to find solutions to industrial open-net aquaculture are available to the media for publication, but copyright must be given to photographer as indicated.

Sea Lice Effects on Wild Pink Juvenile Salmon
Credit: Alexandra Morton
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First Nations Opposition to Salmon Farms in Traditional Territory
Credit: Beltra/Greenpeace
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Marine Mammal Deaths
Credit: Twyla Roscovitch, Calling from the Coast
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