Certifications & Eco Claims

Certifications and other eco-claims about seafood have become big business and a plethora of programs are battling for attention on supermarket shelves – but not all eco-labels are created equal. Some of these certifications, or standards, fall clearly into the ‘greenwash’ category. Some have taken minor steps for improvement but are claiming higher degrees of sustainability than warranted. One aquaculture certification holds at least the promise of truly rigorous standards that will only certify products resulting from more responsible practices.That standard is still in development, however, and it remains to be seen whether the final outcome will be supportable.

CAAR’s report, Better than the Rest? A Resource Guide to Farmed Salmon Certifications can help make sense of all of the labels and sustainability claims made about farmed salmon.

Eco-certified? Organic? We’ve assessed the claims and read the fine print so that you don’t have to. The information in the resource guide can help you navigate the murky waters and make the right decisions for your business, your families, your bottom line, and the environment.

The Organics Debate

Organic certification of net-cage farmed salmon has been controversial internationally. Net-cages have no place in organic aquaculture standards as they violate the very principles of what an organics label should mean, and negate others’ efforts to produce truly organic products. It is virtually impossible to operate a net-cage salmon farm without using parasiticides for example. Low organic standards also undermine efforts to truly improve the sustainability of aquaculture—efforts by conservation groups, innovators in the aquaculture industry, and the chefs, businesses and consumers who are trying to make informed choices in the marketplace. Visit our website Organic Salmon for more information on the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard.

Graphic credit: This Magazine

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