Markets & Certifications

The public and the retail sector can have a major influence on the way products are produced. In the 1990s Nike faced massive pressure from consumers over human rights issues concerning the manufacture of Nike shoes, and was subsequently forced to change its practices.

We can all help make the net-cage salmon farming industry change its destructive practices as well by:

  1. putting pressure on our grocery stores to demand a better product from farmed salmon suppliers;
  2. asking retailers to adopt rigorous sustainable seafood policies;
  3. understanding seafood sustainability certifications; and
  4. asking restaurants to drop red-listed species like net-cage farmed salmon from the menu.

CAAR works for change in these areas by spreading consumer awareness of the negative impacts of the net-cage salmon farming industry. We also work with retailers, restaurants, and the food sector to influence positive change as well as scrutinize the legitimacy of the many seafood sustainability certification schemes currently battling for attention on supermarket shelves.

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