Market Demand

Photo: Edward May


The Canadian Government and the salmon farming industry want you to believe that their open net-cage farming practices are “environmentally-responsible.” They’re creating a certification to convince you.

Last year Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Association (CAIA) for a “market access” initiative to create a certification system “for use across the Canadian aquaculture sector”, including farmed salmon.

This “industry-led” certification is mere greenwashing of status quo farming practices, with no intention of driving change or addressing key environmental impacts. And they want this certification scheme up and running for 2013.

VISIT THE LIVING OCEANS SOCIETY WEBSITE TO SEND AN EMAIL to federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Keith Ashfield and Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Gerry Ritz as well as CAIA to let them know you won’t be fooled. Tell them to clean up the open net-cage industry and support the growing movement to more responsible closed containment salmon farming.


Who has the power to make the salmon farming industry act responsibly? You do.

Consumers are a voice that both industry and government listen to, because you hold the key to the marketplace. By being informed and expressing your concerns, you can support positive change.

The Farmed and Dangerous campaign engages and informs consumers, local businesses and international corporations about the impact open net-cage salmon farms are having on wild salmon and our oceans.

More than 10,000 e-activists are part of the Farmed and Dangerous campaign. They are helping create change in the marketplace by:

  • refusing to buy net-cage farmed salmon,
  • supporting businesses that share their commitment, and
  • asking businesses that do sell farmed salmon to change their purchasing and support closed containment.

Join our growing community.

Over 200 chefs, restaurants and retailers have also joined our efforts through the Wild Salmon Supporters program. Wild Salmon Supporters is an initiative that encourages businesses to commit to not selling net-cage farmed salmon. Consumers can easily find these farmed salmon free businesses on the website.

The active participation of individuals and businesses have helped achieve big things:

  • Tens of thousands of faxes have been sent to key retailers like Safeway
  • Whole Foods does not sell BC farmed salmon because of the harmful environmental impacts
  • The list of top chefs and industry leaders committing to go farmed salmon free continues to grow
  • Pressures in the marketplace helped the world’s largest salmon farming company, Marine Harvest, enter a Framework for Dialogue with CAAR that is working towards collaborative research on sea lice and closed containment

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